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Liu four strokes clear at Shanghai LPGA tour stop******

SHANGHAI, Oct. 30 (Xinhua) -- Liu Wenbo put herself in full control of the Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Championship on Saturday as the China LPGA Order of Merit leader carded a three-under 69 to open up a four-stroke lead through three rounds of the RMB 1 million championship.

The 20-year-old Beijinger was seven-under 209 after 54 holes at Lanhai International Golf Club on Chongming Island. Zeng Liqi, a 15-year-old amateur, was second after shooting an even-par 72 over the Yangtze Dunes layout, one stroke ahead of Shi Yuli (71). Sui Xiang (72), the first-round leader, was a distant fourth at six strokes back.

Starting the day with a one-shot lead, Liu got to work early in pursuit of her third CLPGA Tour title when she made a birdie at the 408-yard second. She picked up another birdie at the seventh hole before dropping her only stroke of the round at the 142-yard 14th where her tee shot found a bunker. Two more birdies would follow at the 15th and 17th holes.

"It's a satisfying score, an 80 out of 100. I missed some birdie chances, but I had two impressive scramble shots from the rough on the back nine. It's a round without any big mistakes," said Liu who won her first CLPGA Tour title in 2017 when she captured the Zhangjiagang Shuangshan Challenge as a 16-year-old amateur.

"The rough is very tricky here. The past two days I was fortunate to hit my ball to those easier spots around the rough where you could recover. If your ball is deep into the rough you could face a penalty or a lost ball. A four-shot lead isn't so large for this course. As I said, there could be many troubles tomorrow. You need to avoid them and play another solid round."

Zeng demonstrated why she is 79th in the World Amateur Golf Ranking when the Nanchang native reeled off three consecutive birdies starting at the seventh hole to sit one stroke back of playing partner Liu through nine holes. The teenager, however, could not capitalize on her momentum and had three bogeys over the next six holes. She picked up another birdie at the 467-yard, par-five 17th hole.

"I played well on the front nine and had three birdies in a row, but we were slow for some reason around the turn. The referee asked us to speed up and timed us. After that I could not find my right rhythm," said the teenager.

"The four-shot lead (by Liu) is big but I will try to ignore that and play my game."

Shi, a 19-year-old pro from Beijing, carded three late birdies starting at the 14th hole but couldn't draw even with Zeng when she stumbled to a bogey five on the final hole.

"I drove into the rough at the last hole, unexpectedly, and I thought that I could easily hit over that area. My tee shots were a little worse than yesterday but on the whole, it was another solid day out there."

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Championship third round leading scores ( *denotes amateur)

209 - Liu Wenbo 71-69-69

213 - Zeng Liqi* 72-69-72

214 - Shi Yuli 72-71-71

215 - Sui Xiang 70-73-72

219 - Lyu Tian 74-70-75

220 - Zhang Yahui* 73-78-69, Zhang Yue 77-72-71

222 - Li Dongmei 81-72-69

223 - Pan Yanhong 77-76-70

224 - An Tong* 71-78-75




How the Tonga eruption is helping space scientists understand Mars

NASA scientists say that the eruption of a submarine volcano in Tonga is helping them to understand how features formed on the surfaces of Mars and Venus.


The unusual explosion — which has been calculated at more than 500 times the force of the atom bomb dropped on Hiroshima, Japan, in 1945 — is offering researchers a rare chance to study how water and lava interact.


Studying the Hunga Tonga–Hunga Haʻapai volcano and its evolution in recent weeks is “important for planetary science”, says Petr Brož, a planetary volcanologist at the Institute of Geophysics of the Czech Academy of Sciences in Prague.

布拉格捷克科学院地球物理研究所的行星火山学家Petr Brož说,研究洪阿哈阿帕伊岛火山及其最近几周的演化“对行星科学很重要”。

The knowledge “might help us to reveal results of water–lava interactions on the red planet and elsewhere across the Solar System”, he says.


Front-row seat


The volcanic island, which began to form from ash and lava expelled from an undersea volcano in early 2015, piqued the interest of researchers including James Garvin, chief scientist at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland, because of its similarity to structures on Mars and possibly also Venus. “We don’t normally get to see islands form,” explains Garvin, but this one offered “a front-row seat”.

这座火山岛于2015年初由海底火山喷出的火山灰和熔岩开始形成,这激起了美国宇航局戈达德航天飞行中心首席科学家詹姆斯·加文(James Garvin)等研究人员的兴趣,因为它与火星上的结构相似,也可能与金星上的结构相似。 “我们通常不会看到岛屿形成,”加文解释说,但这个火山岛提供了“前排座位”。

Volcanic islands typically last for just months before being eroded away. But Hunga Tonga–Hunga Haʻapai survived for years, allowing Garvin’s team to use satellite observations and seafloor surveys to study how such islands form, erode and persist1. The researchers wanted to use that knowledge to understand how small conical volcanoes found on Mars may have formed in the presence of water billions of years ago.


Submarine eruptions differ significantly from those that occur on land, and can produce different landforms, says Brož. The presence of large quantities of sea water can make the explosions more violent, while also rapidly cooling the lava and restricting the amount of gas emitted from it.


Many volcanoes on Mars are thought to have erupted with steady flows of lava, but some could have been explosive, like Hunga Tonga–Hunga Haʻapai, says Joseph Michalski, a planetary scientist at the University of Hong Kong.

“火星上的许多火山被认为是由稳定的熔岩流喷发而成。”香港大学的行星科学家约瑟夫·米哈尔斯基(Joseph Michalski)说,但有些火山可能是爆炸性的,比如洪阿哈阿帕伊岛火山。

The marine environment also mimics some aspects of the low-gravity settings on small planets such as Mars and “can shed unique light on Martian features that formed in lower gravity”, he adds.


Last weekend’s violent explosion was preceded by a series of small eruptions starting in December, which increased the size of the island. That excited Garvin’s team. The researchers were in the process of submitting a paper describing the island’s slow erosion and a theoretical model for what makes it so stable — but “then BOOM. We had to hit reset,” says Garvin.


Teams around the world are now monitoring the island using optical, radar and laser satellites to measure what is left. The International Space Station’s Global Ecosystem Dynamics Investigation instrument has also collected data, says Garvin.


The vast majority of the island is now gone, says Daniel Slayback, a geographer at the Goddard Space Flight Center, who has visited Hunga Tonga–Hunga Haʻapai. “It’s kind of shocking to see,” he says. “It’s pretty dramatic.”

戈达德太空飞行中心的地理学家Daniel Slayback曾访问过洪阿哈阿帕伊岛,现在该岛绝大多数地区已经消失。“看到这一点有点令人震惊。”他说,“这很戏剧性。”

Garvin is hopeful that the giant chamber of magma deep under Earth’s crust that formed Hunga Tonga–Hunga Haʻapai will eventually create another island for researchers to study. If that happens, “we’ll measure it, and describe it and build a story about it”.


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  华商报小编 宁军 报道员 卞荣振。

Bolivia sink Uruguay to keep World Cup hopes flickering******

LA PAZ, Nov. 16 (Xinhua) -- Juan Arce scored two goals and set up another as Bolivia kept alive their hopes of qualifying for their first FIFA World Cup in almost 30 years with a 3-0 home victory over Uruguay on Tuesday.。

Arce opened the scoring in the rarefied air of La Paz, situated 3,600 meters above sea level, with a long-range effort that curled past teammate Marcelo Moreno before slipping through the gloves of goalkeeper Fernando Muslera and rebounding in off the far post.。

Moreno doubled the lead with a towering header following Arce's corner on the stroke of halftime.。

The former Wigan and Werder Bremen forward sent a penalty attempt sailing over the bar after Giovanni Gonzalez brought down Carmelo Algaranaz on the hour mark.。

The hosts were reduced to 10 men when Algaranaz was shown a straight red card for a bad tackle on Diego Godin in the 74th minute.。

Bolivia continued to press, however, and they were rewarded for their efforts when Arce headed home with 11 minutes remaining after Fernando Saucedo's cross.。

The result leaves La Verde with 15 points from 14 matches while Uruguay have 16 points.。

Bolivia are aiming to qualify for just their fourth World Cup and their first since 1994. Two-time World Cup winners Uruguay have now lost four consecutive matches and are in danger of missing out on their first World Cup since 2006.。

The top four teams in the South American group will automatically qualify for football's showpiece tournament in Qatar next year while the fifth-ranked side will advance to an intercontinental playoff. Enditem。




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